Ask And You Shall Be Given

Have you ever told someone he should have helped you with something even though you never ask for it?

Do you always expect help from others even when you never ask for it?

If you do recieve help from someone when you did not ask then that is fine. But to blame someone for not helping you is just plain ridiculous. It is not a friend's job to help you out. In fact, no one is ever obliged to do anything for you.
Misunderstandings like this can often be solved with the easiest of solutions. It would never hurt you to ask for help. I bet if he is really a friend of yours, he would gladly help.

Over the centuries, miscommunication has always been the key to arguements, quarrels and even fighting and war. If everyone of us do our part and be honest with each other, I believe that many problems would be solved, or might not even have been problems.

So the next time you are faced with a problem, feeling frustrated, or even on the verge of giving up, do kindly ask. Life would be simpler this way, and you would achieve alot more than doing everything by yourself.


Sunday, September 10, 2006
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Making a Difference

This is taken from Gundam Seed, an anime I enjoyed very much. Though it is considered to be quite an old anime, I would recommend it to anyone who have yet seen it.
If one did nothing because he tells himself that he won't make a difference, he'd end up doing even less. Then nothing would change, and nothing would end.

I have always heard the people around me say things like, "Let him do it, he is stronger." or "what's the point of doing this? someone else will do it." so on and so forth. So what is he is strong, he would still appreciate the little bit of help he gets, and it makes a difference, and the task will be finished much sooner. If someone else can do it, why can't you? would you lose a piece of your flesh by doing something more than others? At the end of the day, who benefits most?

A friend of mine confided in me recently that she don't want to share her problems anymore. She finds it fruitless to share problems with her 'friends'. She told me that her friends abuses what she told them to hurt her. One thing is for sure, I would never call these people my friends if I was in her shoes, because I believe that true friends are people whom you can trust your life with, people who will never want to see you get hurt, and will come to your aid when you need them most. Because of this, she believes she should no longer trust her friends with such information. By believing that, she would do not try anymore as she thinks that it would not make a difference, and she will end up doing even less, and by negating this risk, she is negating herself the chance of finding the true friends she had been searching for all these years. Then nothing would change, and nothing can begin.

I hope everyone out there would never give up trying. Everyone is different in their own ways. I might be able to do things that you can't, but you are able to do things that i can't as well. This way, everyone will be able to a difference whether is it big or small, as together we make a difference. We should all fight for the things we wish most of, and never give up just because the path you walk is too tough to take. Because you are closest to success when you give up.


Sunday, August 13, 2006
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Age Quod Agis

I recently stumbled upon an entry in a friends blog that got me pondering. But before that, let me thank my dear friend donn for having written this (hope this also dismisses the chances of him suing me with copyright infringements):
To Strive and Appreciate

I figured that if anything, appreciating what you have is infinitely more important than seeking new ground, new things, new mental and physical territory. What good is living up to one's potential if one is not satisfied with it?

Sure, the constant striving may expand one's horizon, making one go beyond his or her pre-conceived limitations. But does being better in any way mean anything, if one is never satisfied with whatever one gets?

There's always going to be someone, somewhere, better than one in some way. When is one ever good enough? When does one say, "okay, this is it, I've attained what I've sought"?

Why do we bother to sow the best seeds when the fruits of one's labour constantly grows bigger and bigger, but never ripens?

The very moment I finished reading this, my right arm began rumbling, my muscles tightened, and a mysterious form of energy surged through my hand till the end of my finger tips. Finally! The wait is over! This must have been what I was waiting for, the power to write! (I know that sounded like a load of crap, just bear with it)

I do agree that appreciating what you have is important, but to be satisfied by only the things you have now and not striving for greater heights is the greatest mistake men can ever make. We must strive to be better not because we are unhappy with what we possess now, but to face new challenges that brings purpose to our lives. Without purpose, there will not be meaning. It should not be something to despair but something to be joyous about. It is true that there is always going to be someone, somewhere, better than one in some way. Someday, one might say, "okay, this is it, I've attained what I've sought", but what is he going to do with his life after that? Every single effort people make, is to attain a certain goal, and every single goal, is to achieve a better life. This goes on till the very day we die.

I personally do not think that it is a bad thing to keep on trying, as long as the reason for doing it is neither for anger nor sadness, but for joy. Even if you love yourself, you would still want to better youself, for a brighter future. This is also one of the reasons why mankind had made it this far. Why seek for an end to betterment? If possible, nobody would ever want their happiness to end. The same goes to betterment. If you are enjoying every single bit of it till the day you die, why not? A kid gets first in class, he is overjoyed, but how long can it last? His answer, to get first again so that he can rejoice all over again. If instead he aims only to be average, do you expect him to be satisfied and be happy? it is possible, but what purpose would he have in life then? To be average? If you are satisfied with what you have, what will make you strive for improvement? Without improvement, how can you progress?

We humans need to dream, because without that, life would be meaningless. Along the way, we need to appreciate what we have and treasure them, but we must never stop fighting for our future.


Friday, July 28, 2006
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I once questioned the dreams I had in life. Whether I can achieve them? Whether I had set my hopes too high?

Over the centuries, men have had many dreams. Some achieved them, and some failed to do so. I came to a conclusion that many of the dreams people had were in fact, impossible. People used to believe that we will never be able to fly like the birds, and they also used to believe that light source can only come either from the sun, or from oil lamps. The Wright brothers and Thomas Edison made these beliefs a thing of the pass. Was it through sheer luck? No, they put in a life's effort trying and trying endlessly to find the answer to their dreams. In the end they succeeded. Today we can easily light up our paths with electric light sources and travelling to the other parts of the world is less time consuming.

Dreams are what make things happen. If we don't dare to dream, nothing will ever be possible. But dreamers who think they can fulfill their dreams without any effort or hardwork are just, dreaming. Who is to say your dreams are impossible, or even say these things only happens in movies. It is from the imagination of the script-writers and directors that things we can do now used to be only possible in movies. "Impossible is nothing." Many of you would have seen of heard before this phrase created by Adidas. Impossible is just something you need to overcome, its what your mind tells you. If you can past this obstacle, then indeed impossible is nothing.

Having said all these, I believe that my dreams are not impossible. They are nothing compared to what other humans compassed. I hope that no one will fear to dream, because if you lose even ur dreams, you would have lost the one thing that is important to you.


Sunday, July 16, 2006
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The Beginning and the End

Everything that has a beginning, has an end.

The end, is but the dawn of a new beginning.

A new chapter has begun, yet the past is unforgotten.

Treasure the bliss while it lasted because nothing lasts forever.

Grief will fade in time, as time heals all wounds, even those of the mind.

Leaves fall from the trees, trees wither and die, this is but a cycle of life.

Do not fear the end, for the end is inevitable.


Sunday, July 09, 2006
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Welcome Message

Hello to all the people around the world! 13th Zeal is finally up and running.

I thank everyone who have supported me or contributed to the creation of this site. There is also someone in particular that I would like to thank, and that is the CSS man himself, Donn Lee. Thanks for listening to my complains about Microsoft's infamous Internet Explorer 6 and for trying to help me in the CSS coding of the template, you have been a great help.

If anyone of you out there is using Internet Explorer to view this page, you would notice some display problems. For all the CSS pros out there, I would be sincerely grateful if you can solve the problem for me. For the rest of you, I would personally recommend trying out Mozilla Firefox, it is a great browser.

Last but not least, feel free to leave any comments on either the blog's design, your extreme hatred for me, or even the very english that I use in this post, be it good or bad. I will be back next week, so be sure to check out this spot for any updates.

For all those people who ask, "Why this delay?" The answer is National Service or NS in short. It is where boys become men (or so they say), where physical training is in abundant and innocent men are punished for being a Singaporean, and where the male citizens of Singapore pay the country back for enjoying the babes galore throughout their teenage years.


Sunday, June 18, 2006
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